Dear Friends,

Welcome to the season some have called Hallothankmas – since it

seems these three observances run into and perhaps run over each

other.  I have lamented that Thanksgiving appears to be little more

than a speed bump in the mad dash into the commercialized

celebration of Christmas for far too many of God’s children.  In these

days of challenge and change, how are your hearts?  Does it seem

harder to feel blessed and express gratitude?  I know we are wounded

and weary as we continue to endure this terrible virus and fatigued by this political “season” of nastiness.  Both forces, among others, have separated and divided our families, communities, nation, and world.  I have found that developing an “attitude of gratitude” helps but it is not easy and must become an intentional discipline these days.  Keeping perspective is everything.  Perhaps it might help to write a list every day and keep it with you to meditate and reflect upon in your time of prayer. I am thankful for you.  As I shared with a member this week, we are small but mighty. Our food and outreach missions make a difference and no matter what is happening in your lives, you keep caring and sharing.  I am thankful for you and grateful to be your Pastor.  We now have our Thanksgiving Board up in the narthex for your notes and offerings of gratitude.  Write a note upon a leaf and pin it on the Board to express gratitude and to encourage others.  We will celebrate together in a special service of Thanksgiving on Sunday, the 22nd.  In the meantime, what are you thankful for?  God is faithful and always good no matter what.  Thanks be to God!


Pastor Bill

We shall have a special Thanksgiving service on Sunday, November 22nd.  Let us celebrate and express gratitude in spite of our challenges in these difficult days.  As a reminder, Pam Rose has put out our "Thanksgiving Board" for your contributions and testimonies.

A new banner has been ordered to replace the one lost over our parking lot entrance to better identify who we are and to welcome all who come here!


It is 6' x 7' and will replace the one lost over our parking lot entrance. Thanks to Shannon Miller for donating it and to Dan Roseboom for hanging it.

Have you noticed our beautiful landscape

around our sign on Maple Street?


Thank you so very much Cindy and Linda.

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Monday, November 30th at 9:30 AM.

Pittsboro Christian Church

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