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A Moment With Pastor Karen                         

As one season draws to a close, we look expectantly to the beginning of another. It is time to put our gardens and flowerbeds to rest as the growing season draws to a close and the promise of cooler weather and the appearance of fall colors approach.


Some look forward to this time as an opportunity for respite and slowing down of our normal summer activities. Others may dread the coming of the cooler temperatures and diminishing sunshine. There is never a one size fits all.


This month and the ones to follow bring much activity, both personal and church related. The joy of gathering with family and friends often brings a sense of excitement as we anticipate being with those whom we love. Many look forward to the special foods that are prepared and shared during this season of thanksgiving – for the harvest and birth of the Christ Child.


This year let us intentionally not get so caught up in the “work” and preparation that we miss out on the many blessings of this beautiful season. Perhaps our celebrations and preparations could be simplified (although I do understand that tradition is important). Perhaps we could accept a helping hand where we wouldn’t have in the past? And when we gather, perhaps those of us who are “Marthas” could take a new approach and try our hand at being a “Mary.” Maybe it’s even time to create new traditions that don’t require as much preparation and are not as labor intensive.


Would you consider inviting someone who has not been to worship in a while or a friend that you’d like to share worship with for the first time? Beginning with World Communion Sunday (the first Sunday in October) through the end of this year, we will have special times of worship together. Perhaps one of these Sundays, you will feel especially led to include someone new at our worship.

Let’s do ministry together!

You are loved,

Pastor Karen

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