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Worship Time Change

Pittsboro Christian Church has begun their new worship time.  We  gather in praise, song, and inspirational sermon and the Lord's Supper  at 9:15 AM. Following the service we  have fellowship time.

Summit Life Church has begun worshipping in our sanctuary at 11:00 AM.

A Moment With Pastor Karen

Recently I was contacted by a woman who is in the midst of a real life “prodigal son” experience.  She has written a book and wants to reach out to others who may be going through a similar trying time. 


Wendy Gorton Hill, the author of the book of prayer poems Watching the Wayward: Psalms for Parents of Prodigals is the wife of John.  John is the middle son of Esther “Marilyn” Fisher Hill.  The Gorton Hill family resides in the old family farmstead across from Quail Creek in Pittsboro.


The following is an excerpt from an email that I received from Wendy:


Walking in the wake of your beloved prodigal’s devastation can leave you shell-shocked.  Wendy Gorton Hill knows, too well, that indescribable agony.  Her heartfelt prayer poems express the anguish she could barely utter after discovering her teen’s drug use.  With authentic vulnerability, these psalms cover the vast emotions you may experience – embarrassment, helplessness, uncertainty, fear, guilt, anger, regret, and despair.  These powerful poems are paired with supplemental scripture and journaling questions. 


Watching the Wayward can serve as an individual devotional, support group discussion starter, or corporate worship liturgy.  Hill’s words offer profound identification and persistent hope.  They pinpoint the best weapons for battle – scripture and prayer.


 62 prayer poems – Gut talks with God from the trenches

519 supplemental scriptures – Further biblical backbone

      supporting the psalms

168 journaling questions – Opportunity to interact

      and personalize the journey


Structured around the prodigal son parable in Luke, the book could be used for a Bible study.  The journaling questions prompt interaction and personalization of the poems/scripture passages.

Wendy is opened to coming to discuss her book at our book club or during our study club.  She is interested in sharing her experience in any way that may be beneficial to others going through similar situations.


If any of you are interested in hearing Wendy share her story, please make contact with Pastor Karen so that the best time and avenue of sharing can be determined.  If you simply want to find out more about Wendy, her website can be found at www.wendygortonhill.com.


My heart goes out to anyone experiencing difficulties that come from a relationship with a loved one that brings pain.  Let us consider journeying together with others from a similar background to find hope and healing.


Let’s do ministry together.


You are loved,

Pastor Karen


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