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Worship Time Change


Pittsboro Christian Church has begun their new worship time.  We  gather in praise, song, and inspirational sermon and the Lord's Supper  at 9:15 AM. Following the service we  have fellowship time.

Summit Life Church has begun worshipping in our sanctuary at 11:00 AM.

A Moment With Pastor Karen

What comes to mind when you think of the month of June?  I think of cookouts, swimming pools, and Father’s Day.  The celebration of Father’s Day is a golden opportunity to lift up those men who greatly impact the lives of our future generations.  Fathers are critical to the lives and growth of not only their children, but others whose lives they touch through everyday interactions (i.e. think of volunteer coaches and scout leaders, employers, church employees and lay leaders).  Without a father’s love, a child is not able to grow and mature into the person that she/he was created to be.


A well-known scripture that comes to mind when I think of a loving father can be found in Luke 15:11-31 (especially vs. 20) – the parable of the prodigal and his brother (NRSV). Although this father appears initially to have made an error in judgment (Luke 15:12), he comes through in the end with a God-like love not just for the prodigal, but for his faithful son as well - differing personalities require differing methods of parenting.


This father does not withhold love from either son in response to a son’s poor choices or a son’s poor response to a decision that his father has made.  The father has neither a negative attitude or a punitive response to either son, but rather focuses individualized attention on the son who needs it most at the time of that son’s need. 


This is a father who loved his sons enough to allow them to make their own mistakes in their own timing.  Just like our heavenly Father, this father loved his sons “just the way they were, he also loved them too much to leave they that way.”  Although he wanted the best for both of them, he allowed them to make their own decisions – however detrimental those decisions proved to be.


Do we trust in God’s provision and timing enough to “let go and let God?”  Or do we try to control our children thinking that in doing so we will also control the outcome?

Our best course of action is to strive to be more like the father in Luke 15 -

¨ Model Christlike morals and values

¨ Be the person that you would like your child to be

¨ Pray for your children daily

¨ Allow your children to see your tender side, showing your vulnerability

¨ Don’t underestimate the influence of your words and actions upon your children’s lives


Each day brings new opportunities to be the influence that God created you to be.  In as much as we are able, let us not miss even one of those opportunities.


Let’s do ministry together!

You are loved, Pastor Karen

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Pittsboro Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

209. N. Meridian St.; PO Box 215

Pittsboro IN 46167—317-892-3245

Church Staff:

Rev. Donna Herring & David Dickey: Worship Leaders


Judy Parker, Secretary: Monday through Friday: 9:30 AM-3:00 PM

Kathy Kern, Musician

Rev. Donna Herring, Song Leader

Shirley Boles, Nursery Staff


How to Reach Us
at Pittsboro Christian Church

209 N Meridian St

PO Box 215
Pittsboro, IN 46167
Parking available on the west side of the building off of Meridian Street

across from Pittsboro Elementary School.

(317) 892-3245

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